Which remains constant as a skeletal muscle relaxes following contraction? A) I band B) H zone C) Overall width of a sarcomere D) A band E) Distance between Z lines 4. and 5. Compared to a graded potential, an action potential is . A) larger, does not propagate along the axon B) smaller, can have a range of values C) larger, can have a range of values D) larger, is an all-or-none event E) smaller, is an all-or-none event Calcium ions must bind to which protein to initiate muscle contraction? A) Titin B) Actin C) Myosin D) Troponin E) Tropomyosin 6. 7. Hormones are secreted by A) neurons. B) endocrine glands. C) blood cells. D) exocrine glands. E) individual cells, such as those lining portions of the digestive tract When does disease or illness form? A) when positive feedback is occurring B) when a receptor receives a stimulus C) when the body cannot maintain homeostasis for a particular variable D) when there is too much negative feedback 8.

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