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Map C Glaciers, Alaska G CH 3500 0017 H BF E N 1500 This USGS map has been modified for educational purposes < a Question 1 (1 point) 1) What direction does the glacier flow at point A? The table below shows the possible flow directions. north from north to south from south to north from east to west from west to east — 9 From north to south — From south to north From east to west From west to east

Use the following information to answer the next question According to one energy analyst, the best way to reduce human contributions to global climate change is to develop devices that use conventional energy resources more effectively. He has said that it makes more economic sense to pursue this strategy until it becomes more expensive than developing alternative energy sources – based on Lovins, 1977 8 Which of the following strategies is most consistent with this energy analyst’s point of view? Developing solar-powered cars Increasing the efficiency of home-heating systems Developing new exploration tools to find oil and gas Increasing our use of bio fuels

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