When the body is depleted of glucose, Acetyl Con can be converted to ketone bodies, which can cross the blood brain barrier as a fuel supply for the brain? Which two are utilized as metabolites? and And which one is an excreted waste byproduct? 23. (5) Statins black cholesterol biosynthesis by inhibiting the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase partially by mimicking the structure of mevalonate. One of the side effects of taking statins is muscle pain and weakness, which can become severe, but one way to combat this negative effect is to take a cofactor concurrently with a slatin. What important cofactor de patients often take concurrently with a Natin because its synthesis is also inhabited by these stalins? (Hint: ne derived from cholesterol like bile salts or hormones, but a branchpoint metabolite necessary for energy production in muscles and elsewhere). See pathway chart to determine your answer.) 24. (5) In nucleotide biosynthesis, the separately and then attached to PRPP. _ rings are built on PRPP while the rings are built

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