Which of the following repair pathways can accurately 26. Ultraviolet light is responsible for which type of nucleotide repair a double-strand break? (A) Non-homologous end joining (B) homologous recombination (C) exonuclease activity (D) Base excition repair (E) Nucleotide excision repair damage? (A) adenine dimers (B) guanine dimers (C) thymine dimers (D) cytosine dimers (E) All of the above 20. The non-template strand of a transcribed gene is repaired because (A) it contains the coding sequence of the gene (B) the altered secondary structure of the RNA is 27. The human disease ataxia telangiectasia results from mutations in genes related to (A) nucleotide excision repair pathway (B) base excision repair pathway (C) mismatch repair pathway (D) double-strand break repair pathway (E) All of the above (C) tains specific sequences for binding repair (D) RNA polymerase will stall at a damaged site on (E) None of the above. recognized by repair enzymes. enzymes the template strand. 28. The human disease xeroderma pigmentosum results from mutations in genes involved with (A) nucleotide excision repair (B) base excision repair (C) photoreactivation (D) double-strand break repair (E) All of the above 21. An enhancer the gene it affects. (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) must be upstream from must be downstream from must be in the same orientation as cannot be within an intron of can be very distant from 29. Termination reaction of transcription in eukaryotes involves (A) addition of multiple A’s by poly (A) polymerase (B) cleavage by an exonuclease (C) A and B (D) None of the above 22. Generally, a gene is more likely to be active if (A) (B) the DNA is unmethylated the DNA is hypermethylated

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