Voltage regulated channels can be found a. at the motor end plate b. on the surface of dendrites c. in the membrane that covers axons d. on the soma of neurons e. all of the above 10. Which type of synapse dominates the nervous system? a. chemical b. electrical c. mechanical d. processing e. radiative 11. Membrane channels that are always open are called a. active channels b. gated channels e. passive channels d. regulated channels e. local channels 12. Cholinergie synapses release the neurotransmitter a. norepinephrine b. adrenalin c. serotonin d. acetylcholine e. GABA 13. The specialized membranes that protect the spinal cord are termed a. cranial meninges b. cranial mater c. spinal meninges d. spinal mater e. epidural membranes

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