1. A patient with a bacterial infection has developed septicemia.  What does this mean?

2. Using sympatmotology approaches, what are fever, aches, and general discomfort associated with (i.e. which aspect of the disease) the disease in question 1?

3. A new pathogen is discovered to cause a severe infection in affected patients.  Isolation and characterization of the pathogen demonstrates that it contains membrane-bound organelles, a nucleus and grows best at cooler temperatures than those in the human core body.  What type of organism is most likely causing the infection?

4. Why would antibiotics or antivirals not work when trying to treat a prion-based disease?

5. The Zika virus has recently been demonstrated to avoid the host immune system by infecting and residing in the neurons of a host.  Based upon this information, what type of virulence factor do you believe is being employed by this virus to evade the host immune system?

6.  Which type of virulence factor do you believe would be responsible for triggering general septicemia in an infected individual?

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