Which of the following would you expect to see for a gene that should not be expressed? CHigh levels of methylation on the promoter region or the gene. CHigh levels of acetylation along the gene. CAn open chromatin structure The gene would be deleted. QUESTION 2 Different cells in the body have different functions, which require different proteins (eg, opsins, which are involved in sensing light are only needed in makes cells different? Cells only contain the genes that code for the proteins that they need C Cells only express the genes that code for the proteins that they need, All proteins are made in each cell then they’re transported to where they’re needed C Cells have more copies of the genes for the proteins they need. QUESTION 3 Which of the following are cis-acting DNA sequences found in eukaryotes? (there may be multiple answers, choose all that are correct) Activators Enhancers Slencers Histones Promoters Operators Mediators

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