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Who are the parts that construct labor relations? explain briefly and give examples (5 points) 2. “There is a positive relationship between social fair and labor relation”. Explain this statement (5 points) 3. “International Labor relation ILO has many initiatives to fight discrimination at workplace”. Clarify this statement with appropriate proves (5 points) 4. Salting is a way where union members are encouraged to seek employment with target companies that not unionized, and once hired they promote unionization. Do you believe that this technique can be used by the Palestinian unions? Explain (5 points) s. Suppose that you are at Birzeit University labor union board, you have participated in different collective bargaining regarding the below disputes. What were the appropriate collective strategy and tactics used in negotiating each of the below items? Use the below table (10 points) Issues Strategies Tactic (8) 1 Cost of living 2 Top management incentives 3 Working conditions 14 Union elections Job promotion 6 Minimum wage level 7 Life insurance & Discharging procedures 9 Income tax 10 Overtime return/hour

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