Who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for inventing PCR? 2. David Baltimore Kary Mollis Robert Weinberg d. John Nash e none of the above Q. 17. What type of PCR quantifies the rate at which new DNA is synthesized? real time b. allele specific c multiplex d. quantitative e none of the above Q. 18. Which of the following is true regarding PCR? .. denaturing involves heating at 90-98°C b. anneling involves binding of primers between 40-60°C primer extension occurs at 72°C all of the above e none of the above Q.19. Reverse transcriptase PCR uses mRNA as a template to form cDNA 6. RNA as a template to form DNA c. DNA as a template to form ssDNA d. all of the above c. none of the above 20. Plasmids used in vitro to clone foreign DNA fragments are called & transgenic b. cDNA С clones vectors e conjugants

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