Why are aneuploidies of the X chromosome less of a problem to humans that aneuploidies of autosomes

a.X chromosomes are small and have fewer genes than most autosomes
b.X chromosome inactivation of extra X’s
c.X chromosomes only determine sex so having an extra one doesn’t make a female more “female”
d.The genes on the X chromosomes in humans are expressed at a lower level than the genes on autosomes
e.The statement is incorrect.  Aneuploidies of the X chromosome are more harmful than aneuploidies of most autosomes


Which of the following types of RNA processing events can lead to the addition of multiple untemplated ribonucleotides aftertranscription is completed. (answer all that apply)

a.RNA editing
c.Base modification
d.G cap addition


Which of the following are examples of transversion mutations? Note: A & G are purines and C, T, & U are pyrimidines. (Circle all that apply)

a.G → A
b.C → T
c.T → A
d.A → C
e.G → U


Which of the following processes will be affected if there is a mutation in the polyadenylation signal sequence of a gene? (circle all that apply)

a.DNA replication elongation
b.Degradation of the RNA
c.Transcription termination
d.Splicing out of introns
e.G cap addition

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