Why are aneuploidies of the X chromosome less of a problem to humans that aneuploidies of autosomes a. X chromosomes are small and have fewer genes than most autosomes b. X chromosome inactivation of extra X’s OC. X chromosomes only determine sex so having an extra one doesn’t make a female more “female” d. The genes on the X chromosomes in humans are expressed at a lower level than the genes on autosomes The statement is incorrect. Aneuploidies of the X chromosome are more harmful than aneuploidies of most autosomes QUESTION 4 Which molecule is responsible for decatenating linked chromosomes after DNA replication? a. Dam methylase b. Primase OC. DNA helicase d. DnA protein O e Topoisomerasel Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers с

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