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Why business plan is important to start a new business and what would be the prerequisites to write up an ideal business plan

  1. Choose one of the following 3 sets and provide adequate answers that are well-supported (You can’t mix the items between sets… once you choose a set, you get committed to the problems included in that set).

Set A

  1. If LAU plans on changing its Banner system and getting a new system for admissions, registration, and curriculum management, advising, and assessment, what should be implemented: SDLC or Prototyping? Please support your answer with valid arguments and examples. (Sufficiently)
  2. The Human Resources Office is planning to get a Payroll Application. What do you recommend they do: Implement SDLC or Prototyping? Why?

Set B

  1. Ammo El Dekkanji Supermarket is a small family business in Beirut. It intends to automate its operations to be more efficient and effective. Its owner approached you for advice: “we want to develop a system that keeps good record of our inventory, receivables, costs, operations, and sales”. What would you recommend they use: the SDLC or the Prototyping approach? What’s your logic behind it
  2. Latte Art wants a system that would help management keep record of inventory and customers’ preferences for coffee, sandwiches, croissants, cookies, and other items. Which systems development model should be applied here? SDLC or prototyping? Why?

Set C

  1. The Central Bank of Lebanon has made a decision to install a system all over the bank, and it needs it to enhance transparency all over the bank, the audits, and records, and ensure smooth operations. What systems development approach should be followed in this case? SDLC or Prototyping? Why? Please be systematic and support your argument.
  2. The Middle East Airlines intends to develop a system that overcomes all kinds of delays, reservation errors, and allows for better self-service by passengers before reaching and while they are at the airport. What approach should be followed in this case? SDLC or Prototyping? Why? Please be systematic and support your argument.

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