A researcher is attempting to determine the inheritance pattern exhibited by the ales for shell colour of freshwater snails. The trait is known to be controlled by alleles at a single locus; one for brown and completely dominant to allele for yellow. A mating between a brown-shelled snail and a yellow-shelled snail, both from pure breeding lines, produced progeny that are brown-sheiled. F2 consisted of 27 yellow and 23 brown snails. inheritance pattern exhibited by the alleles for Based on the 1:1 F2 ratio predicted by the researcher, calculate and interpret the X2 value of these data. a) (4 marks) b) Based on the correct 3:1 ratio, calculate and interpret the X value for these data. (4 marks) c) Suggest what can the researcher do to improve this experiment. (2 marks)

Why did your heart rate increase during the bouts of exercise and then decrease when you were sitting?

b) While you were monitoring your heart rate your respiratory (breathing) rate was following a similar pattern.  Why did your respiratory rate increase and decrease as your heart rate increased and decreased? 

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