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Why do many brands with a large market share spend proportionally less on advertising compared to brands with small market share? a Beyond a certain volume of promotion, diminishing returns set in. b. There is no minimum level of exposure for advertising to have an effect on sales. c. Advertising will not stimulate economic growth for the industry. d. The firms with large market share do not understand the advertising-to-sales relationship. 12. Why have packaged-goods marketers such as Kellogg’s and Betty Cr-ocker recently increased their use of coupons? a intense competition and the introduction of new products b. the growth of frequency programs c. POP activities d. user incentives from retailers 13. What is one of the major advantages to using point-of-purchase promotion? a its low costs b. its ability to create long-term relationships with customers c. the fact it has a captive audience d. the low monetary requirements

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