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Why does English have many words that do not belong to its own European cultural roots?

  Continued existence as a “substrate” language
  Diffusion of global culture
  Frequent invasion by Germanic tribes
  Indo-Iranian influences  

In a Multiple Nucleii Model of Urban development, which of the following might create a “node” of development?

  University or College
  Railway Tracks
  Gasoline Service Station
  Lower Class Housing

A cultural feature discussed in lecture that could be used to show the general climate of the culture’s origin is the

  the shape of the door of a house
  angle of the roof of a house
  the color of a man’s tie
  the shape of the road system

A sustainable way to utilize healthy food that is growing in the urban environment but not previously being harvested by landowners, in Toronto, was developed by a group known as ________________ . 

  Not Far From The Tree
  Busy Hands
  Agriculture in the Neighborhood
  Red Pocket

For example, a vegetable market in Muscat disposes 500 kg of rotten vegetables daily basis. Write a project proposal to use this disposed rotten vegetables to meet electrical loads by producing methane with neat sketches (5) b. Consider that 2 kg of vegetable waste yields 0.8 m’ of methane at standard temperature and pressure condition. Assume methane contains about 40 J/cm’and you can convert 1/4″ of this energy into electricity; find how many kilowatts of electrical energy can be produced from 5 days vegetables waste? (5)

Nuclear reactors such as the CANDU reactor use nuclear fission to produce energy. The change to matter in nuclear fission reactions involves emitting an electron from the nucleus of an element combining nuclei that have small masses to make a nucleus that has a large mass emitting a helium atom from the nucleus of an element splitting a nucleus that has a large mass to make nuclei that have small masses

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