Read the above article and thoughtfully answer the following questions. You should not use any direct quotes or exact wording from the original work. In science, this is consider plagiarism and you will be graded accordingly. While we will discuss the article in class, be advised that your grade for this reading assignment is solely dependent upon the completeness of your written typed answers 1. Why does it take so long to see the downstream effects of sequencing the human genome? 2. Identity 2 new pieces of information gained from completion of the human genome project 3. What single technological contribution has impacted our understanding of the human genome? 4. Up to this point, how have researchers identified the genes most commonly associated with disease? 5. Why is this method (#4) problematic? 6. It was previously thought that each human has 0.1% genetic variation from all others. What is this number thought to be now, and why has it changed? 7. Describe the otherwise novel, medical applications approach of understanding the link between disease and genetics 8. How much would you be willing to pay to have your genome sequenced? How would this information impact your life?

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