The resolution of a standard light microscope does not have the resolution necessary to observe many internal structures of a cell. Which of the following would be most useful in studying these structures? A) a phase-contrast light microscope. B) a scanning electron microscope. C) a transmission electronic microscope. b) a confocal fluorescence microscope. E) a super-resolution fluorescence microscope. Which of the following is the pathway taken by an antibody produced by a B-lymphocyte? A) rough ERGolgi-transport vesicle nucleus B) Golgi rough ER-lysosome transport vesicle plasma membrane C) rough ERGolgi -transport vesicle plasma membrane D) rough ER lysosome transport vesicle plasma membrane Motor proteins provide for transport of vesicles along which of the following? A) membrane proteins of the plasma membrane B) microfilaments C) microtubules D) cellulose fibers in the cell wall Which of the following statements about the cytoskeleton is incorrect? A) The cytoskeleton is a network of protein fibers that extend throughout the cytoplasm. B) Intermediate filaments and microtubules are found in all eukaryotic cells, but microfilaments are only found in some animal cells. C) Movement of cilia and flagella is the result of motor proteins causing microtubules to move relative to each other. D) Microtubules, intermediate filaments, and microfilaments (actin) are all involved in maintaining cell shape. E) Various motor proteins, such as dynein, are involved with the cytoskeleton. The roots of a plant will absorb nutrients from the soil, such as nitrogen ions. When an ion is absorbed from the soil, which of following is the correct pathway it or potassium would take into the root cell? A) plasma membrane -primary cell wall cytoplasm vacuole B) secondary cell wall -plasma membrane primary cell wall-cytoplasm-vacuole C) primary cell wall-plasma membrane cytoplasmvacuole D) primary cell wall plasma membrane lysosome cytoplasmvacuole E) primary cell wall-plasma membrane cytoplasmsecondary cell wall-vacuole

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