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Why has there never been a recorded earthquake which measured 10 on the Richter scale? The Richter scale does not go up to 10. Earthquakes occur before the stress required to produce a 10 on the Richter scale is reached. By definition, all earthquakes on the Richter scale are 9 or less. Earthquakes commonly exceed 10 on the Richter scale. BFO A mwanawwmumana.com B SEG STU Cowania w paniwalaan TNS D 15:34:54,954 15:35:14.954 15:35:34.954 An earthquake has occurred at the location with the yellow star. Four seismic stations recorded the event (P-wave arrival indicated by the vertical red line). Match the seismograms to the station that recorded them BFO I Choose SEG [Choose) Seismograma Seismogram B Seismogram D Seismogram A TNS STU Choose

Why is a hypothesis important before starting experimental observations?

It supports a strong experimental plan.

It interprets the results of the experiment.

It changes a theory.

It makes observations.

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