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Why is it essential that unresolved issues are brought to a final conclusion?

Explain what is meant by following up unresolved issues.

Why is it sometimes necessary for a person external to the team to be brought in to resolve issues? List three circumstances when this might be a good idea.

You are the team leader for a busy, customer focused technology support centre. Sue is a long-standing member of your team. Her position requires her to answer the telephone, handle face-to-face enquiries regarding technical difficulties, use her knowledge and experience to solve problems and finally to communicate solutions to customers.

Until recently you considered Sue to be very capable. You received good feedback from other staff and customers about her technical ability and customer service skills generally. Recently, however, you have received a number of complaints about her from another team member and from several customers. The complaints relate to her terse and harsh interpersonal skills and her lack of responsiveness when dealing with problems. Things have become so bad that it is having a negative impact on Sue’s immediate team mates. One has refused to work with her and another has complained that they are unable to complete their work as Sue is not feeding the paperwork through quickly enough.

How will you handle this situation? (200–250 words)

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