Why is it incorrect to say “individuals evolve”, but it is correct to say “populations evolve”? Why How do homologous and homoplastic (analogous) features provide evidence of evolution? What are specific examples of each? 4. 1 only inherited variations important in the evolutionary process? 2. arc 3. Draw a tree, showing the 3 domains of life. How is a prokaryote different from a cukaryote? Label the cell types and adaptations on your cladogram 5. List and briefly describe the different supergroups in Domain Eukarya. Why supergroups used? are Under the microscope, identify: foraminifera, paramecium and their corresponding supergroup and adaptations placing within supergroup; b. a. Identify the supergroups for Kingdom Plantae, Fungi and Animalia 6. Understand what “descent with modification” means and how this applies to studying organisms. Be able to describe natural selection as a mechanism of evolution and apply it to the different adaptations seen in Kingdom Plantac, Animalia and Fungi

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