Why is protein structure important ?

Consider the replication bubble below: i. (1.5 pts) Label the ends of the strands closest to the letters A, B and C as either 5′ or 3′. ii. (1 pt) On strand B, use a start to indicate where the origin of replication would be. ii. (0.5 pt) What enzyme is represented by the letter Q? iv. (2 pts) There are two kinds of polynucleotides represented by the fragment labeled C Label each part of the fragment with the kind of nucleotide that it Is made of and indicate which enzyme (be specific) made that part. 2. Consider the replication bubble below: 5′ 5′ 3′ (1 pt). Using A, B, C and/or D, identify where you would find lagging strand synthesis. ii. (1 pts) Explain how you know the answer above.

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