1. Why is the incidence of otitis media higher in children?
A.Anatomic differences in the eustachian tubes of children
B.Sharing of food and toys
C.Improper hand washing techniques
D.Underdeveloped immune systems
  1. Following are the most common community-acquired lower respiratory pathogens, except:
A.S pneumonia.
C.H influenzae
D.Moraxella catarrhalis
  1. Lower respiratory infections are thought to be most often caused by Candida albicans.



  1. When pus is present, this is known as:
  1. Which of the following is not a risk factor for HCAP:
A, residence in nursing home or long-term care facility
B, recent hospitalization for 2 or more days in the past 2 months.
C, hemodialysis or infusion therapy
D, having contact with family members with MDR pathogens

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