Which of the following statements about enzymes is true? Different types of cells contain different sets of enzymes The affinity of a substrate for its enzyme can be modulated by other molecules. Different enzymes have different optimal temperature and pH requirements. All of these are true. Only two of the statements are true. Question 5 1 pts Why is there a reduction reaction every time there is an oxidation reaction? because entropy is always increasing to maintain heat gradients in cells every time an electron is lost by an atom, it is gained by another atom because energy levels of electrons must always remain full

A form of whole-body endothermy has been recently discovered in the Opah (Lampris guttatuas Lampridae]). This marine fish generates a substantial amount of heat by flapping its pectoral fins, which propels it through the water, rete mirabile in the gillarches corve ea be delivered to the head and body a. True b. False that warm blood can 29. Fish circulatory systems transport blood to every part of the body to deliver nutrients, gases, and hormones; and to remove metabolic wastes and pathogens, Interactions of hemoglobins with CO2, H+, temperature, and organic phosphates influence both oxygen uptake at the gills and oxygen delivery at metabolizing tissues. The body’s changing demands for oxygen and food-derived nutrients stimulate changes in cardiac output. a. True b False 30. The gas-secreting structure of the swimbladders found in derived teleosts and the structure of the he exchange organs found in some large, active oceanic fish are morphologically very similar in the following way. Both involve exchanges, of gas or heat, across blood-vessel walls in a countercure exchange network. b. True b. False Short Answer Questions

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