One class of drugs used to treat malaria are sulfonamides, structural analogs of p- aminobenzoic acid, which inhibit the enzyme dihydropteroate synthase, part of the folate synthesis pathway. Would you expect this drug to have a high or low therapeutic index? Explain your answer. The following quote is from the ACSH (2018) article “Time to embrace genetically modified mosquitos to end their disease transmission” (also posted for Session 14): “Wolbachia is a bacterium that infects up to 70 percent of all known insect species, where it hijacks the insect reproduction to spread itself through the population…When Wolbachia is transferred into a previously uninfected mosquito, it often makes the mosquito more resistant to infection with pathogen that can cause disease in humans, such as multiple viruses (including dengue and Zika viruses) and malaria parasites.” Explain how the release of Wolbachia-infected mosquitos would reduce the incidence of malaria . So far, scientists have only been able to achieve stable Wolbachia infections in the somatic tissues, but not the germline, of Anopheles mosquitos. Why it is important for the long-term fight against malaria to have vertical transmission of Wolbachia in Anopheles?

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