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1. Would Minnesota be flooded by this increase- sea level rise 79,550m? How about Florida?(Lowest point in MN is 183m, FL’s average elevation is 30m)

2. Greenland total volume of ice 2,604,142 km3 , Antarctica 29,315,965 km3. Water volume equivalent of Greenland ice sheet:2,343728 km3, Water volume equivalent of Antarctica ice sheet: 26,384,368 km3. Total Ocean Surface area- 361,132,000 km2. The previous calculations only include information about ice sheets that occur on land. They do not include the large amounts of Arctic sea that annually cover the North Polar region. Why isn’t this ice volume likely to affect global sea level? (hint: consider the analogy of a glass that is filled to the brim with water and a few floating ice cubes-will the glass overflow as the ice cubes melt?)

3. Obviously melting ice sheets would have a major impact on human society and the Greenland ice sheet is more vulnerable to melting, so this will be affected first if Earth’s climate only warms slightly. a) What is the sea level increase(in meters) if only the Greenland ice sheet melted? b) Would this sea level rise still be significant for coastal areas in Florida?

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