Write instruction to make cell culture medium using DMEM consist of 10% FBS, 1% streptomycin. 2. What is cell passaging? Why do you need to passage cells? And how often do you need to change the culture media. 3. Write reasons why cell culture can be contaminated and ways to prevent that from happening. 4. Cryopreservation. – why do we use 2-10% DMSO in FBS and not 15-20% DMSO? – why do we use DMSO, not other chemicals? – what is the function of Mr. Frosty container? – why do we need to use Mr. Frosty and placed it in-80C before we can transfer the cells to liquid nitrogen container? 5. Cell thawing. Describe the cell thawing from cryopreservation procedure and explain why it is important to be fast and accurate at the steps.

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